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Thursday, June 14, 2007

NHL Awards Broadcast...Versus Mishap Unfolds

As I blogged about less than 2 hours ago, I was planning on tuning in to the NHL Awards Show on Versus tonight at 7:30 PM EST. Unfortunately, the NHL and their stupid Versus network managed to once again screw it up. Due to some kind of technical or scheduling screw up, Versus was forced to move the NHL Award Show to an 11PM EST tape delay tonight.

WHAT A JOKE! I have heard a few rumors so far about what is causing this delay, and none of them are a good enough excuse. Honestly, the NHL should go to ESPN and beg, and beg, and beg until they agree to take the NHL back. I don't care what it costs the league...they have to get off of this POS Versus Network.

Anyway, here is the main rumor that I am hearing, brought to you by jkrdevil of HFBoards:

From what I read from someone on the Versus message board the problem is that Versus is using the transmission of the CBC signal from Toronto. However CBC is tape delaying the Award show in Toronto and airing it at 8. That means that broadcast will run to 10 which interrupts the Hasim Rahman vs. Tyrus Skyes fight that is live at 9. Thus the award show got bumped to 11. So part of the problem is CBC tape delaying the award show.

I'll update you guys when I find out if this rumor is true or not. If it is, I will be furious. If it comes down to having to tape delay the fight or tape delay the NHL Award Show, you have to tape delay the fight. Seriously, as much as Hockey is in the cellar as far as ratings go, I can guarantee that a lot more people were tuning in for the Awards Show than the stupid fight.

Also, what good is an award show on tape delay?! Honestly, now that I already know who won the awards from Canadians who were able to view it and the internet media, what good is it to me? As far as I am concerned, this kind of mishap epitomizes the state of hockey in the USA.

I will keep updates coming because I am assuming that either the league or the network will release a statement at some point tonight or tomorrow.
Update: Here is the latest report brought to you by B.D. Gallof of HfBoards. You can read his full blog entry about the mishap on Hockeybuzz.
Evidently, putting together a couple of seperate reports, here is what I surmise to be what transpired:One of the CBC trucks overheats, causing CBC delays in the transmission to US outlets...or in this case, our drooling fool of an outlet...VS. VS freaks, having scheduled 7:30 through 9pm for that telecast, having a live boxing match promptly at 9pm. So, instead of running it delayed, they make an executive decision to move the whole thing to 11pm, when their precious boxing match is over. US NHL fans lose their minds, and yours truly makes a blog.

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