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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Episode 16 Recap: Gary Harding Comes up Big

First of all, I am so excited about writing this blog and look forward to a great future for HNLI.

For episode #16 of Hockey Night on Long Island, Alex and I were joined by Gary Harding of viewfromsection317.com. Gary was extremely opinionated and insightful on every topic that we discussed. There was plenty of banter between the three of us and a few callers even chimed in. We talked about everything from the Yashin Buyout, to Free Agency, to Kyle Okposo, to Sean Bergenheim, and so much more. If you missed yesterday's episode, I urge you go to our "Talk Show Page" and download it or simply listen to it on the media player on right column.

We thank Gary for his appearance on the show and look forward to having him back on the show in the future.

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