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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Isles Obscurity: Classic Islanders Hit Songs

Whether these are new to you or a blast from the past, we hope these songs make your day like they did ours.

Harken back to the summer of 2002. The Islanders were coming off of their best season in years after falling just short in a magical seven game series against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Fan spirit was at a peak and the Islanders decided to hold a pep rally in Eisenhower Park to build excitement for the upcoming 2002-2003 NHL season. Little did those in attendance know, however, that they would be treated to an incredible musical display....

Seven years later, we remember Lukepance and the Jingleberries' "The Islanders Song"


Our next ditty is brought to you by the fine folks at WGR 550 Buffalo. Back in April of 2007, the Islanders had just squeaked into the playoffs after a magical shootout victory in the last game of the regular season. The Islanders drew a matchup against the top-seeded Buffalo Sabres in Round 1 of the playoffs. Hence the inspiration for this next gem, entitled "Beat the Isles", in which Sabres fans have a little too much fun mocking their first round opponent.


Finally, this last number has recently developed a cult following and can be heard being obnoxiously yelled by fans in Loudville. Another smash hit by the Isles' PR team:

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Friday, November 6, 2009

HNLI Season 4 Episode 5

HNLI is back for an episode full of special guests tomorrow (11/7) at 3:30 PM EST. First, Steve will be joined by special guests Ken Rosenblatt (Islanders Outsider Blog) and Bill (New York Islander Fan Central) to provide an excellent bloggers roundtable talking about everything surrounding the New York Islanders. From the recent winning streak to the roster to the Lighthouse Project, be sure to listen! Also, Steve will later be joined by special guest The Falconer (Bird Watchers Anonymous) to talk about the Atlanta Thrashers and preview that night's Isles-Thrashers game. As always, callers are encouraged to call in (718-664-9597), IM us (AIM: hockeynightli) and participate in the HNLI Chat Room during the show to set topics to discuss. Remember to listen to HNLI tomorrow, 11/7, at 3:30 PM EST here!
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