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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Marcou-Flatley Connection?

You know...the Islanders had better draft James Marcou because it seems that every week he is a topic of discussion on both our show and blog. This week, Steve from Setauket called and spoke with Tom Mascioli from Islesinfo.com about Marcou. Like usual, we all talked about how nice it would be to see this hometown kid in Orange and Blue when draft day rolls around. Tom mentioned that somewhere he read about Marcou having some kind of connection to former Islander Patrick Flatley.

So, with all the free time that I do have on my hands, I decided to do some research. Ok...maybe I just typed "Marcou and Flatley" into Google, but nonetheless, the answer has been found. I came across a McKeen's Hockey Interview with Marcou from June of 2005.
The truth on the Marcou-Flatley Connection:

McKeen's: What is your favourite NHL team? Favourite player?

James Marcou: My favorite NHL team is the New York Islanders and my favorite player is Martin St Louis.

McKeen's: What got you interested in hockey and where and at what age did you start playing organized hockey?

James Marcou: My mom used to cut former New York Islander Patrick Flatley's hair and my dad became good friends with him. He would always take me to games and I started playing at the age of six.

OK...so there you have it. Marcou's mom cut Patrick Flatley's hair. If that doesn't prove that he deserves to be an Islander, I don't know what does.
Another Hockey Mystery Solved by Alex...HNLI P.I.

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