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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vote: Will Hillen Make the Big Club?

One of the most interesting topics on Saturday's episode of HNLI was Jack Hillen's place in the Isles' organization next year. Hillen, who the Islanders signed as an undrafted free agent out of the NCAA last year, has impressed Isles scouts, management, and fans alike between his play in college and the two games he played in New York last year. Blogger Mike Schuerlein, a guest of the roundtable on Saturday's HNLI, proved how impressed he was by declaring that Jack Hillen would make the team out of training camp. While this is seemingly a bold statement to some, Schuerlein cited Greg Logan of Newsday for more praise of Hillen.
What do you think.....VOTE NOW:

Roundtable a Blast on Free Agency Preivew

Saturday's episode of HNLI, the Free Agency Preview Special, didn't exactly go as planned, but was a blast nonetheless. While scheduled guest Paul Kukla unfortunately had a last minute obligation and could not attend, the men of the roundtable stepped it up and had a great hour of offseason hockey talk. The roundtable, which consisted of HNLI host Alex, Tom Mascioli of islesinfo.com, and Mike Schuerlein of islesblogger.com, covered everything from the Isles' plans for free agency, the biggest holes that need to be filled, the backup goaltending situation, the new NHL salary cap, and even the possibility of Jack Hillen cracking the Isles' roster this season. Needless to say, the trio covered everything about free agency and a whole lot more. It was undoubtedly an awesome episode of HNLI that everyone involved had a great time with. If you missed Saturday's episode, check it out on our show page by clicking here or search "Hockey Night on Long Island" in the iTunes store to subscribe to the podcast version.

P.S. We greatly apologize for Paul Kukla's abscense from today's episode. Due to certain circumstances, he could not join us today and we are sorry who had looked forward to hearing from him. We hope that you enjoyed the show regardless. All in all, today's episode was a great success.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kukla to Precede "Roundtable" on Saturday's HNLI


Breaking News:
We are pleased to announced that to make Saturday's HNLI Free Agency Preivew Special even more....well...uh...special, the show will start strong by bringing in Paul Kukla of Kukla's Korner right at 3:30 PM EST to kick off the show with a bang. Paul, one of the most prominent hockey bloggers in the entire hockey blog-o-sphere, will share his thoughts on the upcoming class of unrestricted free agents and shed some light on several players that the Islanders might have interest in. Callers, IMers, and HNLI chatroom chatters are invited to ask Paul your questions about free agency or voice your free agency views on air! HNLI is very excited to once again be joined by the great Paul Kukla.

Also, as previously announced, Saturday's episode of HNLI will also feature a roundtable of Islanders analysts who will discuss their thoughts on free agency and make their predictions on what direction the Isles might be headed in. The members of this roundtable are still "on the down low", but will be released sometime before the episode airs Saturday. So, keep checking hockeynightonlongisland.com for the latest guest updates and most importantly, make sure not to miss a second of Hockey Night on Long Island at 3:30 PM EST.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

HNLI Preivews Free Agency Saturday

Be sure to tune in to this Saturday's episode of Hockey Night on Long Island this Saturday at 3:30 PM EST for the final episode of HNLI in the month of June and more importantly before the NHL Unrestricted Free Agency Period begins on July 1. While unfortunately co-host Steve will be unable to man the studio this weekend, Alex will be behind the mic and will be joined by a panel of guests to analyze the upcoming free agency period and possibly determine what approach the Islanders might take.....which as we all know is a daunting task. Like usual, you can interact with HNLI's hosts and guests by calling in, IMing, or joining hosts, guests, and fellow listeners in the HNLI chatroom. The members of this panel are still being determined, so be sure to keep checking back to hockeynightonlongisland.com to find out who will join Alex on this Saturday's episode of HNLI. Be sure to tune in for a can't miss episode of Hockey Night on Long Island this Saturday @ 3:30 PM EST.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pictures from Islanders Draft Party at the Coliseum

Here are some pictures from the Islanders Draft Party at the Coliseum last
Friday. Enjoy!

NHL Draft Special Exceeds Expectations

Saturday's NHL Draft Recap Special on Hockey Night on Long Island turned out to be an incredible hour of New York Islanders talk with some of the best in the business. Steve, manning the studio on his own, was joined by co-host Alex remotely, but only after live reports from Tom Liodice and Mike Schuerlein at draft in Ottawa. Both Liodice and Schuerlein reported on the experience of being live at the draft, as well as their views on the Islanders' moves on draft day. Also joining in was special guest Tom Mascioli of islesinfo.com, who like always provided incredible insight on the draft and all of the newest Islanders prospects. With a very busy phonebox and a rocking HNLI chatroom, Saturday's NHL Draft Recap Special was truly an episode for the ages. If you didn't catch HNLI Live on Saturday, be sure to check out the archive by clicking here, or searching "Hockey Night on Long Island" in the iTunes store to subscribe to the podcast version.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Draft Recap Special Today at 3:30

Remember to tune into the Draft Recap Special of Hockey Night on Long Island today at 3:30 PM EST. Along with guest co-host Tom Mascioli (Islesinfo.com), I will be joined by Tom Liodice and Michael Schuerlein (Islesblogger.com) who will be LIVE FROM THE NHL DRAFT IN OTTAWA. Be sure to call in (718-664-9597) early to ask them questions as they will be on at the beginning of the show. To listen, visit www.show.hockeynightonlongisland.com or click on this button:

Listen to Hockey Night on Long Island on internet talk radio

Islanders @ The Draft: Never a Dull Moment

Well, like it or hate it, you can't deny that watching the first round of the 2008 NHL Draft couldn't have been any more exciting for the Islanders. Only time will tell, however, whether all that excitement pays off on the ice. The crowd at the Nassau Coliseum sure didn't expect it. Lets recap last night's events in Islanders' Country starting right after the Blues selected Alex Peitrangelo wit the 4th pick overall.

Gary Bettman approaches the podium: "The 5th Overall Pick in the 2008 NHL Draft belongs to the New York Islanders"

Coliseum Draft Party Crowd Chants: FILATOV! FILATOV! FILATOV!

Darren Dregeer of TSN Reports: Garth Snow is very busy and there could very well be a trade in the works. Cliff Fletcher, Leafs GM, is now confirming that the Islanders will trade #5 to the Leafs for #7. The Leafs are looking to draft Schenn.

Coliseum Draft Party Crowd Reacts: UH OH UH OH UH OH

Gary Bettman approaches the podium: Sorry for the delay. We have a trade. The Islanders trade pick #5 in this year's draft to Toronto for pick #7 in this year's draft and the New York Islanders' option, pick #60 this year and Toronto's 3rd round pick next year OR pick #68this year and Toronto's 2nd round pick in 2009.

Coliseum Crowd responds: Huh? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

HNLI Alex defends the move: If we still get Filatov at 7, Snow looks like a genius.

Mike Penny of the Leafs approaches the podium: With the 5th pick in the 2008 NHL Draft, the Tornoto MapleLeafs select from the Kolona Rockets, Luke Schenn.

Ottawa Fans at the draft react to the newest Leaf: BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Gary Bettman approaches the podium: The 6th pick belongs to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

TSN Reports: Bluejackets are looking to acquire RJ Umberger.

Gary Bettman approaches the podium: We have a trade to announce!

Colisuem Crowd: Uh-oh. Somebody's swooping in to take Filatov!!!!!

Bettman Continues: Columbus trades pick #19 and #67 for RJ Umberger and pick #118.

TSN Reports: So Columbus still has the 6th pick overall and it looks like they're looking at Filatov.

Coliseum Crowd Reacts: BOOOOOOOOOO!

Bluejackets Bigshots(sorry lol) approach the podium: With the 6th pick in the 2008 NHL Draft, the Columbus Bluejackets select......from CSKA Moscow, Nikita Filatov.

Coliseum Crowd Reacts: SNOW MUST GO! SNOW MUST GO! (First wave files out of building)

HNLI Alex: Looks like Garth screwed up bigtime on this one. Wonder who he thought Columbus would take. Unless he didn't want Filatov. Probably will be Colin Wilson at #7 now.

Gary Bettman approaches the podium: We have another trade! The Islanders trade pick #7 to Nashville for pick #9 and pick #40.

Coliseum Crowd: HUH?!

HNLI Alex: Garth is trying to get a monopoly on the second round.

Predators approach the podium: With pick #7, the Bluejackets select from Boston University, Colin Wilson.


Coliseum Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOO!

HNLI Steve: Boedker better fall to us at 9.

Wayne Gretzkey of the Coyotes approaches the podium

Ottawa Fans provide standing ovation for The Great One

Back to Gretzkey: With the 8th pick, the Phoenix Coyotes select Mikkel Boedker.


TSN Wonders: WHO DO THE ISLANDERS WANT?! We knew everything that went on in the top 10 would depend on who the Isles want. It's a mystery at this point.

Garth Snow finally approaches the podium: First we'd like to say hello to our fans at the draft party at the Nassau Coliseum.

Coliseum Crowd: BOOOOOOOOO! You Suck! Snow Must Go!

Snow continues: With the 9th pick in the 2008 NHL Draft, the New York Islanders select Josh Bailey.

Coliseum Crowd: WHO?!

TSN Reports: There were whispers about this last night that the Islanders really wanted Bailey. The Islanders' moves will be judged by comparing Luke Schenn and Nikita Filatov, to Bailey and whatever comes of those second and third rounders.

Well, like it or hate it, it was one hell of a night. Nobody could've possibly fathomed this sequence of events, except for maybe Garth himself. Only time will tell if all this craziness turns into greatness on the ice.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

HNLI Draft Extravaganza This Saturday!

Be sure to tune into Hockey Night on Long Island this Saturday for a very special NHL Draft feature episode. With the NHL Draft's first round on Friday and remainder Saturday morning, host Steve and special guest co-host Tom Mascioli will have a full recap of the events of the draft including the Islanders' 5th overall draft pick and all of the others. Making the Draft Special even more "special" will be special live reports from the Draft in Ottawa. Both Tom Liodice and Mike Schuerlein of the New York Islanders' Blog Box will be calling in with special live updates from the Draft. Like usual, you can give your two cents on everything that goes on at the draft by calling in, IMing, and joining us in the HNLI chatroom for the best Isles banter around. So get psyched for an absolute extravaganza for Isles fans everywhere....the HNLI Draft Special. This Saturday at 3:30 PM EST.

Saturday, June 14, 2008



Be sure to tune into Hockey Night on Long Island Today at 3:30 PM EST to hear hosts Alex and Steve chat with Matt Ebbs. Ebbs, the general manager of International Scouting Services, will discuss everything about the upcoming NHL Draft including the Islanders' fifth overall pick and all of the top prospects available in this year's draft. Listeners like usual are invited to call in, IM in, and of course join us in the Hockey Night on Long Island chatroom. Be sure to tune in for another "must-hear" episode of Hockey Night on Long Island Saturday at 3:30 PM EST.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Around the Web: A Few Great Reads to Hold You Over

Hey All, Alex here. As the countdown to Hockey Night on Long Island with Special Guest Matt Ebbs of ISS reaches 5 days, I found myself looking for some good Isles coverage to hold me over. I turned to the great bloggers of the Islanders online community and like usual they are churning out some great material. Feel free to check these out:

The Drive For Five (Patrick Hickey Jr.): Bye Dubie, Good Riddance Satan and Company, Hello Youth Movement

The Tiger Track (Tom Liodice): Exclusive Interview with Tim Jackman

And Around the League.....
TSN.ca: Another Intriguing Summer for NHL's 2008-2009 Season

Remember to keep checking back to hockeynightonlongisland.com during the week and to tune in this Saturday as Steve and I are joined by Matt Ebbs of International Scouting Services this Saturday at 3:30 PM EST.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Roarke Stars on Hockey Night, Ebbs To Take Center Stage This Week

Saturday's episode of Hockey Night on Long Island was among the best yet. The duo of Alex and Steve was joined by NHL.com Managing Editor Shawn P. Roarke and just as he did during his first appearance in 2007, Roarke impressed with his immense hockey knowledge. The trio discussed a cornocopia of topics including the Red Wings' Stanley Cup victory, the upcoming NHL Awards, the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, Free Agency, and so much more. Thanks to Roarke, along with some great callers and HNLI chatroom contributors, it was truly an episode for the ages. If you missed it, be sure to check out the archive by clicking here or by searching "hockey night on long island" in the iTunes music store and subscribing to the podcast version. The archive version also has a few minutes of bonus material not heard on the live version (aka we ran out of time), so feel free to check it out.

Headlining the upcoming episode of Hockey Night on Long Island, this Saturday June 14 @ 3:30 PM EST, will be Matt Ebbs. Ebbs is the General Manager of International Scouting Services and will have in depth reports on the upcoming NHL Draft and will share specific knowledge about the prospects that may very soon be wearing Islanders' orange and blue. Be sure to tune in and keep checking back to hockeynightonlongisland.com for more info during the week.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wings win Cup, Draft Coverage Kicks Off, Shawn P. Roarke Confirmed

Wow.....suddenly it looks like there might not be enough time in one episode of Hockey Night on Long Island to cover all the exciting news going on in the world of hockey and the Islanders in just one sixty minute episode. Nonethelss, hosts Alex and Steve are going to give it a shot tomorrow, Saturday June 7, at 3:30 PM EST. The plethora of topics for the episode will definitley include a recap of Detroit's 2008 Stanley Cup victory, a look ahead to the NHL Awards, the NHL Draft, and free agency. In Isles' goaltending news, we'll talk about the latest Dubie Affair and another DP surgery.
As if the topics alone aren't exciting enough, the dynamic duo of Alex and Steve are hoping to be joined by NHL.com Managing Editor, Shawn P. Roarke. Be sure to tune in to hear a real expert's thoughts on the Stanley Cup and some insight into the Islanders' plans for the draft and free agency. Like usual, you the listeners can talk to HNLI's hosts and special guest via phone, email, and with each other in the HNLI chatroom. So, be sure to tune in for what should be an epic episode of Hockey Night on Long Island....Saturday @ 3:30 PM EST.

UPDATE: We have received confirmation that Shawn P. Roarke will be the special guest for this episode. Be sure to call in during the show and ask Shawn questions about the New York Islanders.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Stanley Cup Update: Wings look To Wrap it Up

Despite valiant efforts in games 3 and 4 in Pittsubrgh, the Penguins managed to win only one of their first two games at home and have given the Detroit Red Wings the chance to end the series early in front of the home crowd in HockeyTown USA. The two teams will face off with Lord Stanley's cup in the building tonight at 8 PM EST on NBC.

The Red Wings seem to have all the momentum going into tonight's game after a 2-1victory in a very competitive game 4 at the Igloo. Despite losing the offensive firepower of Tomas Holmstrom, the Wings managed to maintain their style of play by emphasizing strong forechecking and depending even more heavily on a very experienced defensive unit. When called upon, former Isles netminder Chris Osgood stopped just about everything that came his way. With this efficient system in place, the Wings managed to get the goals they needed from Captain Niklas Lidstrom, who tonight could become the first European captain to win the Stanley Cup, and Jiri Hudler. Sidney Crosby and the Pens will need a big bounce-back effort tonight at Joe Louis in order to bring the series back to Pittsburgh.

Be sure to tune in on NBC for tonight's game 5, to keep on checking hockeynightonlongisland.com, and to tune into this weekend's episode of Hockey Night on Long Island this Saturday at 3:30 PM EST.
HNLI Host Alex on Newsday's Back Cover with John Tavares! HNLI Alex w/ John Tavares