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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Episode #17 Recap: Tom Saves the Day, Trio Triumphs

Wow. What a crazy show we had today on Hockey Night on Long Island. With Steve not available to assume his usual co-hosting/co-producing role, Andy Facini of the Islanders Castaway Blog filled in brilliantly in his first time as a host.
The big surprise, however, came when it was 3:25 and we still hadn't heard from our Scheduled Special Guest, Shawn P. Roarke of NHL.com. Hopefully Shawn is ok and I'll let you all know when I do. Despite my concern for Shawn, I realized still that we were guest-less for the show and called upon our great friend Tom Mascioli of Islesinfo.com. Within a minute, Tom generously dropped what he was doing to join us for some great hockey talk.

Tom, Andy, and I discussed everything from the upcoming NHL Draft, to Free Agency, to NHL scheduling, even down to the Islanders' color scheme. It was an interesting day to say the least. With contributions from some regular callers, Steve from Setauket and the infamous Vin, we managed to have a blast on Episode #17 of Hockey Night on Long Island.
The Islanders Castaway Blog, Islesinfo.com, and Hockey Night on Long Island teamed up for a spectacular episode. Thanks to Andy and Tom!

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