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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bloopers Poll featuring Vesa Toskala

Despite a very short tenure with the New York Islanders, most fans most likely remember Rob Davison. While he certainly wasn't the most memorable through his overall play, he certainly ingrained himself into Isles folklore by scoring a goal from over 190 feet away against Vesa Toskala:

Note: This was Davison's only goal as an Islander and one of three in his NHL career

As you can imagine, Toskala got plenty of play in ESPN's "Not Top 10" list for that one. Now, however, Vesa has another blooper that certainly rivals the Davison Debacle. Check out this play from last night's Sabres-Leafs game:

So, we ask the members of HNLI nation....which Toskala blooper is the most embarrassing?

Which Toskala Blooper is More Embarrassing?

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