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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Outsider our Insider this Saturday

Be sure to tune in for a special post-game edition of Hockey Night on Long Island this Saturday at 4:30 PM EST. The show will immediatley follow the Islanders' matinee game against the Montreal Canadians. While unfortunately Alex will be a healthy scrach for this weekend's episode, Ken Rosenblatt of The Islanders Outsider will join Steve to report and reflect upon the afternoon's matchup against the Habs. To make things even more interesting, HNLI is hoping to host a special Habs guest.....can you say banter?! Like usual, HNLI will talk your calls and IMs and of course the HNLI chatroom will be buzzing. So, when the Isles are done with the Habs, HNLI will just be getting started. Make sure to listen in this Saturday at 4:30 PM EST at our show page.

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