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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Exciting Greg Logan Piece in Sunday's Newsday, Guerin Trade "In Place"

Update (Monday 9:50 PM)
I am finally back on Long Island after a long day in the deep south. On my flight, I was tuned into the NHL Home Ice channel on XM radio where Guerin talk was in full force. Still, despite the talk, there is little new information. Both my co-host Steve and I are predicting that Guerin will not be dealt until Wednesday (aka Deadline Day). He was out of the lineup again tonight during the 4-2 victory over the Avalanche and has likely played his last game as an Islander. With Chris Botta officially ending his live Guerin updates, I expect bits of information to be few and far between until Guerin is actually dealt. So, I guess that means this blog post must come to an end as well. Still, be sure to keep checking back here for commentary and analysis as the trade deadline approaches.

Update (Monday 1:10 PM)

I am currently sitting stranded in Atlanta, GA due to the inclement weather in New York that is delaying my return flight. Needless to say, I have had plenty of time to keep up on all things Bill Guerin over the last 48 hours or so. So (also needless to say), I am as frustrated as the rest of the Islanders faithful with the lack of developments since Guerin was pulled from the lineup against Buffalo on Saturday night. And according to a recent TSN.ca story, Guerin is as irked as the rest of us. The article states that "sources tell TSN that Guerin has become frustrated by the ongoing uncertainty and has done nothing to complicate, or stall the trade from going through." Speculation by Chris Botta, among other hockey pundits, points to the Washington Capitals as the Islanders' trade partner. Still, there is very little certainty about that or anything else in the Guerin situation. Assuming I'm not lucky enough to get on a plane back to New York anytime soon, I'll have commentary and analysis here as it breaks on islanderspointblank.com or tsn.ca. Stay tuned!

Update (Sunday 10:27 PM)
When I wrote my last update just over 12 hours ago, I truly believed that I would have an update a few hours later at most with commentary on the Bill Guerin trade. The entire day, however, has been nothing more than an over-hyped period of silence. The most sickening "development" came just hours ago when Chris Botta reported that according to the team "there will be no news tonight" and "there is no timeline for any announcements". While Botta still is holding out belief that we'll know about the deal tomorrow, I'm growing more and more pessimistic. While some seem to believe the delay is being caused by some kind of bidding war or finalization of terms, I'm starting to lean towards the notion that the deal simply fell through. I'm hoping some news tomorrow will prove me wrong. In the meantime, I'll be checking Botta's blog for the latest.

Update (Sunday 10:26 AM)
The Greg Logan story is up on Newsday.com and it was certainly worth the wait. The piece reveals an incredible deal of turmoil between Scott Gordon and his veteran players. The details outlined by Logan certainly do not bode well for this organization. As Logan alludes to, it is going to be even more difficult than usual for the Islanders to sign veterans if the team has a reputation for treating the vets poorly. I encourage you to read the article. After reading it, my views of Scott Gordon have certainly changed.

Meanwhile, there is still no further information (of substance) on the ongoing Bill Guerin trade saga. Chris Botta at islanderspointblank.com has a great "live blog" going on for this saga that I currently recommend as the primary source for the latest updates. Once the deal is done, be sure to check back here for commentary and analysis.

(Saturday 10:45 PM)
Those who tuned in for today's episode of Hockey Night on Long Island expecting to hear from Greg Logan were unfortunately disappointed as he was forced to cancel the appearance due to intense work on a major piece for tomorrow's paper. With the fury of news and speculation going on in Islanders Country tonight, it appears Logan's absence on today's HNLI will be well worth it.

According to Greg Logan's blog on Newsday.com, the piece will feature details of the "rocky relationship" between Bill Guerin and head coach Scott Gordon. The story is said to be a feature regarding tensions between the Isles' veterans and Gordon. Logan's foreshadowing of the story comes with the news that Bill Guerin is said to be contemplating a trade that is "in place".

For the latest on the Bill Guerin trade situation, I highly recommend checking islanderspointblank.com as often as possible and heading back to Hockey Night on Long Island for commentary and analysis. It is sure to be an exciting evening and early morning for the Islanders!

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