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Thursday, January 7, 2010

HNLI at Special Time with Special Guest Chris Botta

In order to accommodate those planning to watch the NFL's wildcard playoff game between the Jets and the Bengals, HNLI will be bumped up by a half hour to 3 PM EST this Saturday. Joining us for the first portion of the episode will be Chris Botta (aka the Blogfather) of Islanders Point Blank. As most Isles fans know by now, Mr. Botta is the premiere source for Islanders news, commentary, and analysis and it is a very special opportunity to have him on the show. Along with Mr. Botta, hosts Alex and Steve will discuss the Islanders' recent win streak, the team's west coast swing, the return of Rick DiPietro, and much more. As always, listeners are encouraged to interact by calling, IMing, and chatting in the HNLI chatroom. Remember that if you get your calls in early enough, you will have the chance to talk with Chris Botta himself. So, don't miss a special HNLI at a special time: this Saturday at 3 PM EST


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