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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Respect for Clemmensen?

While reading HNLI Guest Chris Botta's UFA Preview on Islanders Point Blank this morning, I was shocked to see the lack of respect for former Devils goaltender Scott Clemmensen.

Said Botta:
Scott Clemmensen…really? Besides watching him back-stop the cautious Devils in a pinch for a few months last season on MSG Plus, has anyone really looked at what the 32-year old has done in his career? Give a look and let me know if this is the man for the Islanders.

Clemmensen, who played in only 28 NHL games before his 31st birthday? Clemmensen, who was average-at-best for the Toronto Marlies of the AHL in 2007-08?

Through my work as a hockey photo editor last season, I had the opportunity to watch a ton of New Jersey Devils hockey and a ton of Scott Clemmensen. Despite the fact that Mr. Botta seems to slight his performance last season, there is no denying that Clemmensen is the major reason that the Devils managed to survive their injury plagued season. Mr. Botta points you at Clemmensen's numbers in an effort to knock him, but I say look at his numbers from last sesaon.

2.39 GAA
.917 SV %
25 Wins (only 13 losses)

Clemmensen was invaluable for the New Jersey Devils and he should definitely be given a serious look by the Islanders. While Marty Brodeur was injured, Clemmer was phenominal. Should Rick Dipietro take his annual fall this season, Clemmensen will be able to step in and keep the Isles firing on all cylinders. Scott Clemmensen was a savior for the New Jersey Devils last year and could be even more valuable as an Islander.

Youtube video comment says it all:
"they are just flat out blessed that they had him, if they didnt their season would be over."


TheMetalChick said...

I will be let down if Clemmensen is all the Islanders can muster.

Alex said...

Who are you expecting? I don't think it's fair to expect any huge name to sign to back up DP. The only realistic option that I might prefer over Clemmensen is Craig Anderson.

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