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Thursday, June 4, 2009

HNLI Announces Draft Coverage: Kicks off Saturday!

Ladies and Gentlemen...Alex and Steve of Hockey Night on Long Island are proud to reveal what we have in store for our official coverage of the 2009 NHL Draft. Over the next 3 weeks, starting this Saturday at 3:30 PM EST, HNLI will feature several guests that are among the best in the business. The lineup is as follows:

June 6th at 3:30 PM EST: Special Guest Scott Cullen of The Sports Network (TSN)
Mr. Cullen is a well-known columnist and blogger for TSN.ca and has a vast audience from across both Canada and the United States. He has guested twice on HNLI before and has provided excellent insight on both the NHL as a whole and specifically the Islanders. We were particularly impressed last time with his in depth knowledge of the Islanders' prospect pool.

June 13th at 3:30 PM EST: Special Guest Mike Oke, Chief Scout for International Scouting Services (ISS)
This marks the third year that HNLI will be teaming up with ISS to provide an exciting NHL Draft Preview segment. ISS is considered an elite scouting and consulting firm and is consulted by every NHL team. This year, with Chief Scout Mike Oke, HNLI will take an in depth look at the top prospects in the draft, discuss who might be sleeper picks, and learn about the entire pre-draft scouting process.

June 20th at 3:30 PM EST: Special Guest Chris Botta of Islanderspointblank.com
Mr. Botta is the former Public Relations President for the New York Islanders and now runs an independent blog covering the team. After just one year of blogging, his work is known around the league for being one of the first to break news regarding the Islanders and being one of the best hockey reads on the internet. On one March day, in fact, his blog received over 1 million hits as he "live blogged" about the Bill Guerin trade hysteria.

All of our experts will be ready to field your questions and comments! So, be sure to tune in for some can't miss hockey banter that all leads up to the 2009 NHL Draft!

1 comment:

islesblogger said...

Hey guys,

Just wanted you to know that Tom and I (as well as Ken Dick and Doug Davidson) will be at the draft live blogging from Montreal.

Hopefully we can do something like we did last year, if you would like.

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