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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a Wave!

Saturday night's Islander game was a big win for the Islanders, but among the most memorable moments from the contest was the show that the fans put on at the Coliseum. During a stoppage in the third period, someone in the building must have decided to bring back an old classic because before anybody knew it, the crowd was overcome by The Wave. Yes....The Wave. This, however, was no ordinary wave. Within seconds, the crowd was roaring and everyone in all three levels of the coliseum was participating. While seemingly meaningless, The Wave was quite the spectacle. It took a great defensive play by Andy Sutton to finally bring attention back to the ice after The Wave made its way around the arena at least 15 times! I for one hope that The Wave caught on. Only time will tell if we have discovered a new Coliseum tradition.

While not the best quality, here's a quick video clip of The Wave that captured the Coliseum crowd on Saturday.

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